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Patient views
Patient stories for all conditions, different age groups and disease severity.
National Audit Office provides access to some patient stories as a result of their report on Rheumatoid Arthritis.
Patient stories. An example of one story of Rheumatoid Arthritis can be seen here. ['Bottom of Things' video 3mb]
Patient stories for Rheumatoid Arthritis and additional resources. Including study on personal experiences through the first 3 years of diagnosis and what that journey looked like reflecting the challenges in improving healthcare. Go to mapping the patient journey.

Insights into Social Enterprise social enterprise.

Guidelines, Standards & Other Resources
The Arthritis and Musculoskseletal Alliance (ARMA) for standards of care and good practice examples.
Real stories of patient experience with different long term conditions. Videos and recordings of individual experiences of health care and their conditions.
Information on international work to support musculoskeletal care.
Information can be accessed on guidance for the use ofdrug therapies for a range of rheumatological conditions including anti-TNFa therapies, Rituximab and management of osteoporosis.
The National Osteoporosis Society have information for healthcare professionals and links to other organisations.
National Patient Safety Agency. Information includes guidance on risk management of therapies such as methotrexate and how to advise patients and manage risk.
The Pain Society
Primary care rheumatology website with excellent links.
British Society of Rheumatology. Access for non members to some Sections of website. (Treatment monitoring guidance) For doctors and health professionals.
Royal College of Nursing. Non members can access some areas for guidance documents (eg biologics guidance document).To access the RCN Rheumatology Forum website you will need membership.

A Rheumatology Nurse Society in America:

The European Society for patients, health professionals and medics:

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